Behind Pinterest electricity supplier after the plight of drip irrigation Era

electricity supplier need to bid farewell to the extensive flow of sprinkler irrigation, began to more advanced flow drip mode evolution.

deliberately chose the last day of 2011, the white crow announced their entrepreneurial projects — one called "shopping shopping PingTai Railway Station was officially launched on micro-blog. As a former Alipay chief product experience division, said the white crow must be a dish in 2012 is worth chewing.


open the site, divided into a number of themes and images, such as travel, festivals, gifts, continue to subdivide and we are rainbow control, hit color and other distinctive theme tune. At the same time, a novel web site for synchronization, 8 protagonists in the novel, the 8 protagonists is now the city life of 8 kinds of roles and attributes, as a clue, users see love things click on the item, it will directly to Taobao to buy links, is to provide users with "recommended products" and in the form of CPS and Taobao into.

if you stroll is a dish, then in the past 12 months, the domestic electricity supplier staged a rich enough feast. To stroll for the newborn representatives, the early model of beauty, said, followed by the petals of the network, heap sugar, know the United States and so on, and some of the traditional electricity supplier model is not the same as the new form of rapid growth.

and these new forms of America website source originates from the rise of Pinterest, which was founded in 2011, the only picture and interests as the core of the visual picture of social networking sites, has exceeded the growth rate of Facebook, Tumblr.

at least in the dimension of time long, e-commerce model to flow as the ultimate demand, innovation seems to always show dried up, and the Pinterest appear, see if you can make bigger in terms of the model, but all have the value and vitality — once the simple and crude way to get traffic on, obviously can not meet electricity supplier in the winter heating demand. A variety of more accurate and efficient operation and control, and keep up the user experience, is now the core of the electricity supplier test.

era and the pulse of the electricity supplier, the need for a new frequency in line with the new efficiency of things. This is the e-commerce bid farewell to the era of extensive flow, the best time to enter the drip mode.

Pinterest behind


all come from the United States Pinterest unexpected growth. Pin (PIN) +Interest (interest), to what they are interested in with pins in the nail plate (PinBoard). Many people still do not understand, a lot of people do not seem to use the site, why would such a fire? According to Hitwise

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