Adsense network broadcast 2015 China nternet security conference held in the media were informed of

1 ants Gold Service Research Report: layout of the top ten business A shares listed or a foregone conclusion  

recently, Ma friends, rookie network CEO, former chairman of intime business Shen Guojun inadvertently revealed in a foreign activity, the ants will not be an accident in the next year, the domestic A shares listed.

Ma Yun also worked in a number of occasions, the future Alipay will be listed, and expressed the hope that in A stock market. "Due to various reasons, there is no way to Alibaba listed on the A shares, Alipay hopes to have this opportunity." Ma Yun in last year’s double eleven, said in an interview with the media.

had previously said the news, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s strategic emerging board as early as April next year to launch, and the ants are likely to start listing gold.

in the first half of this year, the introduction of a number of Ant King clothes national institutions as shareholders, the move was interpreted as a company in the market to prepare. There are indications that the ants in the next year in the domestic gold A shares listed or a foregone conclusion.

2 SARFT public notification 15 media published false reports of  


28, the State Press and Publication Administration of public notification "Yangzi Evening News" and other 15 media published investigating false reports. This is since 2014, the Central Propaganda Department and other nine departments to carry out the fight against extortion and false news since the special action, the State Press and Publication Administration of seventh public informed of the investigation situation of illegal cases, a total of 15 media and 17 editors to be punished and treatment.

was notified and dealt with by the media "Yangzi Evening News", "Southern Metropolis Daily", Hunan TV city channel, "Xiaoxiang Morning News", "Wuhan Evening News" and the China Nandu network, network and other media, the reporters have also been discouraging, warnings, fines and other penalties, and shall be included in the news gathering some bad business behavior record, 5 years ban on engaging in news gathering work (see details of the first financial website).

3.BAT for the new board Tencent headed Ali to Yimeng two in the next big chess  

September 22nd, Celestica fund subsidiary Celestica innovation Asset Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Tian Hong innovation") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the government of Yangzhong City, Jiangsu, Celestica innovation will be in Yangzhong city and has to be listed three new board listed companies to provide equity investment, recommend listing, market making, continued financing of capital market services. Celestica Fund Department of Ali’s holdings of ants gold service.

not only means that Celestica innovative new three board business has been in full swing, but also show Ali of the three new board coveted the heart. Celestica fund deputy general manager Zhang Lei in an interview with die Zeit reporter said, the company has three new board business as a strategic business development, the new board, equity investment and asset securitization will become the focus of the development of innovative business celestica.

4 Baidu Nuomi to shop to pay a single month coverage of 4>

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