Alexa ranking research and analysis

Referring to the Alexa rankings, I am afraid that the industry knows a few people, the same, do not know the industry is not a minority. So for the understanding of Alexa, can be described as polarization". Recently, the controversy about the Alexa rankings again, making Alexa once again become the focus of discussion.

Alexa – who are you,


Alexa is to publish a ranking of the world’s Web site and eye-catching, URL address is In fact, the site’s search engine is also very easy to use, but the site ranking is the main reason it attracts the eye. Internet started with the site navigation Alexa was founded in April 1996, their purpose is to allow Internet surfers to share virtual world resources, while more involved in the organization of resources. May 2002 Alexa abandoned its search engine and Google cooperation. They collect more than 1000GB of the information on the Internet every day, and then integrated release. Now they have collected more than URL Google. The following figure is a comparison of their own information given. The vertical axis is the URL address, to one billion units. In other words, in terms of quantity, Alexa ranked four in the world’s first search engine, has more than 35 billion. The focus is that Alexa not only gives the link to the about 35000000000 sites, but also for each of the sites were ranked. It can be said that Alexa is currently the largest number of URL, ranking information released the most detailed website.

Alexa world rankings are mainly divided into two categories: comprehensive ranking can also be called absolute ranking, that is, a specific site in all the rankings in the about 35000000000 sites. Alexa announced a new website rankings every three months. This ranking is based on the number of user links (Users Reach) and the number of page views (Page Views) cumulative geometric average of three months. Classification of the first one is classified according to the theme, such as news, entertainment, shopping, Alexa gives a specific site in the same kind of site rankings. Alexa collected its Web site is divided into 16 categories, each category is divided into multiple themes. Two is according to the language classification, for example the English website, the Chinese website, the French website, the German website and so on, gives the specific site in all this kind of language website. Alexa provides 21 different language web site ranking. The Chinese website is also divided into two categories: Simplified Chinese and traditional chinese. For Chinese website ranking only released in the top 100 list of websites. For example, some of China’s famous portal websites and news websites and the current ranking of the consolidated list of simplified chinese.

Alexa ranking based on the browsing rate algorithm

1, when a particular site is ranked, based on the browse data >

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