Soldiers surprise to bring us marketing people what enlightenment

"soldier assault" bring us marketing inspiration? By Baoqiang Wang, Chen Sicheng, Duan Yihong, Zhang Yi starred in the TV series "military soldier assault" is currently the major TV hit. The play to convey the spirit of not abandon do not give up to a lot of people to bring warmth and encouragement, soldiers assault quickly became the most popular TV drama.

one thousand readers, there are one thousand Hamlett, as a marketing person, as the special environment of marketing, how to look at the "shock troops"? To XuSanDuo as the representative of the China soldiers brought us marketing people what enlightenment?

1, do not abandon, do not give up.

any enterprise marketing success is not a personal success, cask principle tells us that the business performance does not depend on the longest piece of wood, but rather depends on the shortest board. The success of business is definitely a team’s success. As any team, as a member of the team, are definitely not the best, all the team members of the absolute is uneven in quality.

face uneven in quality team members, as each in the group should hold what attitude? Simply give up, or help to success? Do not abandon, do not give up, when is a marketing team motto, when any one of the team members.

to build a successful team, to build a high performance team, but do not abandon, do not give up, then the soul of the team. In the face of backward members, facing the weak link management team, both as a team leader or any molecular team, we have to do is to improve the positive, positive, positive to improve, should never abandon and give up easily.

2, what makes sense?. What is a good life? To live is to do a lot of meaningful things.

Where is the

marketing significance? What in meaning? In the marketing industry, many of us are full of confidence, to his ideal for ambitious goals, the marketing industry will be the best stage to achieve their own ideal. However, life is cruel, marketing is also cruel, in the face of the cruel marketing life, as a marketing person, often be confused and often get stuck, in the face of itinerant marketing life, marketing people often depressed, where marketing marketing people the meaning of life? What is the meaning, repetition, boring? The pain, frustration and bitterness, like a shadow with marketing people about marketing


as a marketing person, as a member of the army in the face of thousands on thousands of marketing confusion, not what? A good living, good to do the thing you should do, the hearts of the target can not be changed, the desire cannot be extinguished, what all don’t want to live, do.

3, people can not live too comfortable, too comfortable will be a problem.


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