Personal victory Baidu know promotion experience to share

Baidu products in the promotion process, summed up some personal experience to share with you today. At present, Baidu products in the promotion of products is mainly to know, Wikipedia, paste it, space, library, collection and soon to become a mainstream Baidu experience. The focus of sharing and the letter in Baidu know promotion experience. In the A5 station network, home owners and other mainstream original webmaster website has many mature method, the following is the letter and to share personal skills and methods of combat victory Baidu know about

one is to answer questions when he left his other products in the Baidu connection, here to share this method is how I operate. Because Baidu know even more difficult to stay outside, so we need to make full use of the connection has been left to do two times. At present, Baidu products are easy to stay out of the Baidu library, Baidu experience (currently 100% through the chain). Tips Baidu space, then it is recommended not to do on the recommendation, if the report is facing the account space is the total station K, not as used to raise the weight, so that the final construction of the chain to make a contribution to the space. Through the library and experience as well as previously done to promote the link to know the address, the efficiency is very high.

two is through other mainstream platforms and media to leave a connection with a web site, high weight site easily recognized by Baidu. Recommended to stay in this connection when you pay attention to switch Ip and account, although not directly left outside, but they have to prevent others report.

three is a direct left site or product brand name, as simple as possible, so that advertising is small, for example, someone asked which website do spot gold, if left. It is very direct failed to move, but if you answered "Baidu search 007 financial network, so this answer as long as we do a question and answer, will have a very good effect, so the answer when to avoid suspicion of advertising, and strive to go beyond.

four is to increase the false front of Baidu products in answering the question before, this method is for Baidu search for a false information, the two is to give the reader a false, if the promotion of the website really has user stickiness, IP import this is undoubtedly very useful, it is feasibility, such as: Click to jump to your web site. But the question and answer is not too clear, otherwise easy to be reported.

five is a popular event method and techniques. On this site if there is such a channel would be more ideal, but to do this event, we must promptly. For example, before the earthquake in Japan, if the first time in the first web site issued a press release, press release to update content. Then the team know the answer in Baidu, suggestions on this issue even when they have to stay outside the answer quickly, so there are two advantages: This article is to increase the anti even, and secondly if can become the first answer, I >

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