Rancho San Lucas – Committed to Sustainable Practices and Respect for Nature

first_img35% preservation of green spaces, reduced energy and water usage, conservation of the natural landscape and respect for native vegetation and fauna define the master-plan  Los Cabos, Mexico (September 6, 2018) –  Rancho San Lucas, the newest master-planned residential community in Los Cabos, continues its swift development progress detailing its commitment to sustainable practices and a respect for its natural setting. Among its many sustainable components includes land preservation with 35% of its total acreage dedicated to natural preserves and green space. These 292 acres of the 834-acre master plan are just one component of how Rancho San Lucas, a visually stunning community set along the dunes of the Pacific Coast of Baja California, is engineering numerous sustainable efforts into the site. Sustainable Construction Materials and Building Sites:Respect for the environment begins with what goes into the construction of Rancho San Lucas. The use of locally produced building material, with about 80% made domestically in Mexico, not only provides jobs for the local community but also reduces the carbon footprint related to transportation, minimizing the impact on the environment. Special materials like hydraulic concrete, a non-permeable surface which reduces water runoff and directs natural water flow, aids in nurturing the surrounding landscape. Construction also takes into consideration an understanding of the overall topography of the site and the prevalent winds and sunlight direction, with buildings situated to optimize light and air flow to reduce energy usage and lower maintenance costs. Using reinforced concrete and weather and wind resistance fittings in the construction also helps to sustainably keep maintenance needs low over the lifetime of the buildings. Energy Usage:Among the most important aspects of the design of Rancho San Lucas is the incorporation of materials which reduce energy usage. These include state of the art insulation techniques, paired with the latest generation of heating and cooling mechanisms, reducing overall energy usage in the new homes. Smart home technology, including varying speed water pumps, is an additional way in which the newly constructed residences will also use less energy over their lifetime. To continue an emphasis on sustainability long into the future, recycling programs are being implemented at Rancho San Lucas with the help of local grassroots movements. Working with these programs ensures that reducing energy usage and consumption is part of the lifestyle of Rancho San Lucas residents, in harmony with the surrounding environment. Preservation of Natural Spaces:Among the most unique features of Rancho San Lucas is how much land is set aside for open space, further enhancing the natural environment of the setting. From the expansive 834-acre site, 106 acres will be preserved as natural areas, with an additional 186 acres dedicated to the golf course. Together totaling 292 acres, this area represents 35% of the entire site. Setting aside this significant amount of land from development helps maintain low density in the entire complex. The natural beauty of the site and its open space are additionally preserved by burying utilities underground and out of sight. A Healthy Respect and Preservation of Flora and Fauna:The design of Rancho San Lucas emphasizes preserving as much of the natural environment as possible, along with the use of native plants, especially cacti. For instance, the golf course is landscaped using all endemic species that are naturally adapted to the dry climate of the region, minimizing water usage in its maintenance. Additionally, roads throughout the complex were engineered and contoured to preserve centuries old trees and cacti. The sustainability efforts within the landscaping of Rancho San Lucas are also a boon to the native fauna, helping to nurture wildlife. Beauty and functionality are combined in the landscaping through the creation of water features that include watering holes to attract local species; from birds and hares to deer and bobcats, while simultaneously creating pleasant oases for the residents of Rancho San Lucas. The golf course for introduced a man-made lake at hole 17 that has become a sanctuary attracting ducks, cranes, egrets and other birds. With 1.2 miles of coastline along the site, it was also important to respect where the coastal ecosystem. Planting salt water grasses while preserving the existing coastal sand dunes aid in maintaining a sustainable, protective natural environment where Rancho San Lucas edges against the Pacific Ocean. Here, along the water front, Rancho San Lucas is also working in coordination with the Los Cabos based group ASUPMATOMA on sea turtle preservation. Water Use Reduction and Conservation:The dry desert-like climate of Baja California Sur means water is one of Mother Nature’s most precious local resources. Rancho San Lucas answers the challenge in a variety of ways, including the use of hydraulic concrete and an emphasis on landscaping with endemic plants to reduce water usage throughout the grounds. Water for use throughout the complex will come from desalination, municipally for residents and from the complex’s own desalination plant for the resort’s needs. To prevent precious fresh water from being in short supply, Rancho San Lucas will have a central water storage cistern for the development and each home will have its own cistern as well. Additionally, all irrigation throughout Rancho San Lucas is done with reclaimed water processed at the private communities’ treatment plant. All these features mean that Rancho San Lucas is more than just a strikingly beautiful place to live. Its design incorporates the latest in sustainability technology and planning, ensuring that the complex is in harmony with its surroundings from both an environmental and aesthetic point of view. This unparalleled planning ensures it will remain that way, sustainably, long into the future. For more on Rancho San Lucas, visit: www.ranchosanlucas.com  About Rancho San LucasRancho San Lucas is an exclusive, 834-acre resort community located just 30 minutes from the Los Cabos International Airport. Enjoying sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Baja’s stunning desert landscape, this landmark community offers visitors and owners a private respite that melds two luxury resorts, an unparalleled collection of residential options including The Villas at Rancho San Lucas with Santa Barbara-style single family homes and Norman Estates at Rancho San Lucas, with luxurious oceanfront estate homes and residences. It is also home to the Rancho San Lucas Golf Club featuring a Greg Norman Signature golf course. Rancho San Lucas will also have a Mexican Village offering shopping and entertainment, a variety of world-class dining venues, and more. For more information about Rancho San Lucas, visit www.ranchosanlucas.com, Twitter @RanchoSanLucas, Instagram @RanchoSanLucas andFacebook page.last_img

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