Enom and BulkRegister announced the launch of.Tel domain name service

won the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) authorized by the world’s largest domain name wholesalers eNom and BulkRegister today (December 10th) announced that the two companies will immediately launch the.Tel domain name service. The.Tel domain is focused on the field of communication, has won a prize. ENom and BulkRegister are the leader in the field of distributed social media Demand Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inc.

Chris, vice president of Sales Department eNom Sheridan said: "we are waiting for the launch of the.Tel domain name service has been a time, we believe that this innovative platform has the potential to change the way people exchange network. We are very pleased to be able to provide.Tel domain name today, and hope to be able to develop other value-added services in the near future."

.Tel domain name registrar Telnic Limited CEO Khashayar Mahdavi said: we warmly welcome eNom to join the.Tel community. The two organizations have a good reputation in the online brand building, social media and reputation management. We are confident that their experience will soon provide new value-added services to the new and old owners of the.Tel domain."

eNom currently manages about 10000000 domain names, and has a total of more than 30 thousand dealers, the company will provide its.Tel domain name on the http://s.enom.com from today. Retail customers can purchase.Tel domain names in http://s.bulkregister.com. Since its launch in March this year, the registered.Tel domain name has more than 250 thousand. For more information about.Tel domain name, please visit: http://s.telnic.org.

Telnic Limited profile

Telnic Limited was founded in 2000, is a UK based registered operator and the new industry top-level domain name (sTLD).Tel agency. Telnic back-end registry services provided by NeuStar.

Demand Media profile

as a distributed social media leader, Demand Media (TM) provides support for about 3000000000 conversations a month. The Demand Media platform uses personal creativity to deliver valuable content and help website development by providing content and group characteristics that consumers really want. This is not a publicly listed company was founded in May 2006, headquartered in California, Santa Monica, in the state of Washington.

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