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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 18th news, recent news that economic chain hotel group as the hotel where the network product from all the shelves, "where to go to below the price agreement to sell Home Inn products, disrupting the company price system, operation Department will make further investigation.

where the network pointed out that if the group headquarters in order to store and customer support to business stores fell significantly, many stores that has to make ends meet, ready to join the brand recently replaced. Forced by the pressure of business, the store wants to go directly to where the network cooperation, give them more resources to promote, and where to go to the network to provide a cheaper price, even lower than the official website.

according to the "Beijing daily" reported that the home side responded that the group in the home and to regulate the cooperation agreement where the network of hotel products can not be less than a certain price for sale, where the network is a violation of the agreement under the agreement price, the sale of products of Home Inn. Where to want to lower the price to expand the market share of the hotel quickly, but disturbed the price system of Econo Hotel group, because this is opposite of hotel side.

engaged in a hotel in cooperation with OTA senior industry sources, there are three main types of hotel and the OTA model of cooperation, is a hotel and OTA directly signed a unified pricing agreement, the other is a hotel company authorized stores, stores have independent pricing of foreign cooperation. The third is the use of large-scale procurement of third party B2B unified price, due to the large scale, low prices, so the OTA is one of the third modes of common ways, but this approach will lead to differences in the price agreement.

in the home and where to make the next door, where to go, the old rival Ctrip launched immediately Raiders Raiders such as home accommodation, and Ctrip Raiders communities in the mobile phone side of the channel and the site to promote synchronization. Market competition is evident.

analysis shows that, faced with Ctrip, eLong, the U.S. group rivals such as attack, being overweight at present where the straight sign the hotel business, each compete in the low-end Hotel, the hotel group purchase market, intended to user traffic and orders. Insiders pointed out that the value of the hotel chain value their own system, OTA parity, return and other acts will also affect their membership resources and pay more commission.

and where the network CEO Zhuang Chen Chao also said frankly, from the beginning of last year’s OTA collective "off the shelf" incident, where the network has signed the hotel directly at overweight. Currently, where the network has signed more than 20 domestic direct sales business of more than 10000 hotels, more than 80% of the cooperation of the hotel where to give the lowest price. After the incident, the two sides did not make a positive response to the topic of whether the future cooperation again, but in the industry view, the possibility of cooperation between the two sides is smaller.

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