Michael Sheen spends his life savings to take the Homeless World

first_imgThe tournament is organized around the world, to give anyone a chance to compete in the international stage.The Homeless World Cup is a tournament where anybody around the world can enter and compete for free to qualify to the Finals.And for actor and activist Michael Sheen, it was a great idea to take it to Wales, where the tournament was celebrated this year.When you’re 50 years old and about to become a dad again, spending a small fortune on the football sounds, well, a little bit reckless.But when Michael Sheen cleared out his savings to mount a tournament he knew that he was investing wisely, in new lives for thousands of strangers.“It can play a massive part in helping people transform their lives, and bring some joy and hope when things seem at their worst,” he told The Mirror.“I believe in this so much that I put my hand in my pocket and put myself in a very difficult financial situation to make it happen.”“It’s about being welcomed into a team – a family – with a sense of belonging and that is hugely transformative,” he added.“Also, they are getting to represent their country – and I know how amazing that feels.”“I remember getting the letter telling me I had been selected to act in the National Theatre of Wales when I was 14,” he commented.Daniel James, WalesGiggs is full of praise for Daniel James Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to Wales national team manager Ryan Giggs, footballer Daniel James is unstoppable after he helped his team secure a victory against Belarus.“I can still feel the thrill, walking around with this secret, glowing knowledge that I was representing Wales. It had a huge effect on me.”“But I’ve also seen how football breaks down barriers in so many ways,” he added.“As an ambassador for UNICEF, I see people playing football in refugee camps and some of the harshest places in the world.”“It gives people a release, an escape and it gives them hope, a bit of joy,” Sheen concluded.Diwrnod 5⃣ yng Nghwpan y Byd DigartrefDay 5⃣ at the #HomelessWorldCup🎶Twti Ffrwti – @KIMHON420 #Cardiff2019HWC #MwyNaGêm #MoreThanAGame pic.twitter.com/vT3lWTa023— Homeless World Cup (@homelesswrldcup) July 31, 2019last_img read more