Bookies cheer as first 10 NCAA games covered by underdog

first_imgLAS VEGAS (AP) — Bookmakers had something to cheer about Thursday, even if the underdogs didn’t always prevail in the NCAA Tournament.Favored teams took a beating to open the tournament, with underdogs covering the spread in the first 10 games, beginning with the play-in games earlier in the week. In seven of those games, the team oddsmakers figured would lose ended up winning outright.“The dogs got out of the chute fast,” said Nick Bogdanovich, the oddsmaker for the William Hill betting chain. “It was very, very rare, just one of those things where the streak just kept going.”That was good news for this city’s legal sports books, most of which were packed with hundreds or even thousands of fans who came to town to celebrate — and bet — on March Madness. Since the general public tends to bet favorites more than underdogs in the tournament, the bookies were ahead early.“We don’t talk about the weekend until it’s Monday morning,” said Jimmy Vaccaro of the South Point hotel. “But so far obviously the mainstream guys are not doing too good.”The biggest outright win against the spread was UAB’s 60-59 victory over Iowa State. The Blazers were 13.5-point underdogs going into the game.It wasn’t until Xavier beat Mississippi 76-57 as a two-point pick that a favorite finally covered the spread.Bogdanovich said bettors for the most part didn’t pay attention to the streak of underdogs covering. But he said some bets shifted against Oklahoma after three Big 12 teams lost early.last_img read more

#CCSLCProblems and Glimmers of Hope

first_img 561 Members Members 0 I’m actually like the guy in my group of friends that they ask about uniforms. They know i’m more knowledgeable than the average fan so i guess they value my opinion more. And my older brothers were really in to uniforms when we were growing up, but i’m the only one that obsesses over them. Also idk if anyone else here does this, but when i go to sports stores or any stores that sell sports apparel i always go and feel the different materials. It;’s interesting feeling the different textures, pattens, etc. And cool feeling like authentic materials for the first time. 31,105 posts Location:Badgerland Followers 3 I must be lucky, or maybe I’ve just worn down my friends and loved ones My parents generally like to talk uniforms when I bring them up. They have their opinions, and that forms some common ground. I try not to bring it up all the time whenever sports comes up, but when I do they seem receptive.My sister’s gotten into it, actually. She even visits the mothership for news, and I can always count on a text from her whenever a huge unveiling happens.My friends either humour me for brief moments, after which I get the clue and shut up, or sometimes show brief instances of genuine interest.If you want to avoid being hassled for being a uniform and logo geek just pick your battles. Try to gauge how people will react and go from there. Like, if someone doesn’t think the Vikings updated their logo don’t go off on a tangent explaining the subtle differences. You’re just going to look like a weirdo. If you want to discuss how bright and vibrant the Stars’ new green sweaters look, however, you might get an interesting response or two. 0 Link to post 0 Share on other sites 0 This topic is now closed to further replies. Recommended Posts 8,670 1,204 15,496 posts Sports Logo News Jer15 Posted September 24, 2013 infrared41 8,670 #CCSLCProbz By BigBubba, September 24, 2013 in Sports Logo News Forums Home BigBubba 4,436 Favourite Logos:I have some. Location:Houston, Texas All of my friends just kill me whenever I make a comment about our high school teams having mismatched colors. Some navy and white, others royal and orange, some navy and gold, navy and yellow, royal and gold… JUST KILLS ME. Share on other sites Share this post 12,229 posts 1,027 Formerly & Currently McCall hockey week Moderators Link to post Share on other sites Posted September 24, 2013 Well the hashtaging isn’t really the best of starts.Otherwise, yes, I get what you mean. Though my brothers do have similar interests on the subject to varying degrees. But still sometimes I’ll really go into details and even my older brother who follows fairly closely (and may be a lurker here occasionally) still will give me grief. Though they all do because 1) I’m the middle child and they have since we were kids, and 2) I was the only one to go into graphic design and not teaching and so they feel threatened by me actually knowing about something they don’t and so they give me crap to still make me feel inferior. 0 Share this post 26,193 Favourite Logos:Johnny Canuck, Hartford Whalers, Lady Liberty, Stinger, Pre-Edge London Knights, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Gators DeFrank Location:Hull, Englandshire I apologize for any decorum 1,276 Link to post Share this post 𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐌𝐄 𝐈𝐍 andycumbee19 8,670 745 posts 561 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Share on other sites Location:Champaign, IL I have to return some videotapes Members Members Posted September 24, 2013 It should always be Christmas in New Jersey 1,204 45,948 posts hockey week 142 959 2,510 posts 561 0 We the North! 0 1,276 alxy8s Share on other sites Posted September 24, 2013 #CCSLCProblems and Glimmers of Hope Link to post . . . even my older brother who follows fairly closely (and may be a lurker here occasionally) still will give me grief. Though they all do because 1) I’m the middle child and they have since we were kids, and 2) I was the only one to go into graphic design and not teaching and so they feel threatened by me actually knowing about something they don’t and so they give me crap to still make me feel inferior. 316 622 Posted September 25, 2013 Next Prev Share this post Members 786 Posted September 24, 2013 My girlfriend’s listened to Basically Sports and gets weirded out when we go on uniform rants. She honestly didn’t notice the difference between a road and home Blackhawks sweater. ONE’S WHITE AND ONE’S RED SHE DIDN’T SEE ANY DIFFERENCE OH GOD*hurls self off of building* 225 959 0 Location:Location Location Prev Share this post Posted September 24, 2013 37,657 posts Members Chawls IceCap Posted September 24, 2013 987 1,149 Page 1 of 2   Members 987 4,016 posts 1,535 My friend noticed the Steelers dropped the flywire collars before I did, and then another friend posted about the beachtowel White Sox throwback jerseys being awful. It was a good night…well, except for the actual games… McCall andycumbee19 Share on other sites Share on other sites Page 1 of 2   1,027 I’ve got a good one:A couple years back when Ottawa changed the striping pattern on their socks it jumped out to me right away. I remember talking to a co-worker (who’s a huge hockey fan) about the game. I recall saying “did you notice Ottawa changed the striping on their socks? much more traditional now”. He looked at me like I was from mars. 0 Link to post 1,027 4,836 posts Share this post Location:Tampa, FL Share on other sites Link to post Location:SPAMTOWN, MN Link to post Location:Missouri Share on other sites CCSLC taught me how to spot a knockoff a mile away. Now I can’t focus on the game because the loser in front of my has an “Icinla” jersey on. UGHHHH. 0 Sports Logos Share this post Location:GTA Share this post 7,535 posts 4,436 Share on other sites MiK Sometimes I feel weird that I care about what uniforms teams wear. But then whenever I see a team’s official twitter account tweet out what combo they’re going to wear (sometimes as early as 3 days in advance), it’s as if my interest is somehow validated. Like, they obviously wouldn’t send out a tweet like that unless more than a few people actually cared, right? alxy8s Share this post Link to post nash61 Midway 453 0 21,575 Posted September 24, 2013 There’s no pleasing people… DeFrank #CCSLCProblems and Glimmers of Hope 2 My name is Hermilo and I too am an addict. For any sport we watch, my friends generally heckle me for paying more attention to what they’re wearing than what the score is. My best friend in particular will sarcastically tell me things along the lines of “so according to your logic, team X will beat team Y because their uniforms look better.” To which I always jokingly reply “well generally, when you look like :censored: you play like :censored:.” They secretly like the quirks of sports aesthetics though, which is made evident by the obscure comments they’ll make anytime there is a big reveal. They just won’t admit it. 1,204 316 2 Jer15 Joshawaggie . . . even my older brother who follows fairly closely (and may be a lurker here occasionally) still will give me grief. Though they all do because 1) I’m the middle child and they have since we were kids, and 2) I was the only one to go into graphic design and not teaching and so they feel threatened by me actually knowing about something they don’t and so they give me crap to still make me feel inferior.Yes, that is a picture of an old man holding a cigar. I’m proud of you. Next the admiral CS85 142 Members Share on other sites Favourite Logos:”Tradition and simplicity; there’s a fine line between the two. You can’t manufacture tradition but you can empathize simplicity.” – John Viola I’m always the one to point out stuff about uniforms when me and my family sit around and watch football. My brother instantly grasps it once I notice, it usually takes Dad a quick minute. Also, when we’re at a game somewhere, we can just point out fakes like it’s nothin. My Dad is also the one that’s ALWAYS amazed that I have so much “insider information” as he calls it about who’s wearing what on given game days & why they’re wearing it.I’ve also got a friend now who is beginning to take notice of such things when she’s not with me. I feel like I’m doing something right!THANKS, CCSLC! 0 Link to post 225 Posted September 25, 2013 0 Share on other sites Formerly & Currently McCall 1,535 Perennial also-ran Share on other sites nash61 6,149 posts Members 1,204 shaydre1019 Share this post Share this post Link to post Location:in phone shaydre1019 Posted September 24, 2013 1,535 9,904 (formerly, briefly CherryMX) BigBubba 453 It’s funny you should start this thread now, as I was watching the Cincinnati-Green Bay game this past sunday with family, my oldest sister points out that she likes the Bengals helmets and jerseys (they were wearing the orange alternates, but you already knew that). I gave a non-committal response to that but was quick to point out how much I hate the white panels on the side of the jersey, and she stared at them for a second and said “yeah that looks f-ing awful.”I was so proud. All Activity 11,718 posts Share on other sites 622 Location:Fort Worth, TX Link to post Posted September 24, 2013 21,575 Share this post 0 786 Share on other sites Posted September 25, 2013 Moderators 14,934 posts Posted September 24, 2013 Well the hashtaging isn’t really the best of starts.I actually like that part of the thread title.Anyway, I have one friend who is into it (though his tastes are nothing like mine; if it’s weird and promotes an apparel company, he likes it), but my knowledge has resulted in me taking some ribbing. Of course this is back in high school. Now, I seldom talk about it with friends beyond, “yeah I like the Vikings new uniforms”. My wife knows I am into it and she’ll go a couple of sentences when a game is on and sometimes even offer a comment (often about monochrome football uniforms, which she hates). Chawls Sometimes when I point out that a player is doing something unusual with his socks or that a number is misaligned compared to the rest of the team, Mrs Jaffa looks at me like I’m proper mental.At a recent family gathering, our youngnephew announced he’d just been accepted into a local team. Questions duly followed about when and where he’d be playing, if he’d be starting or a sub, that sort of thing – my line of questioning though concerned what was the team’s kit like and was he being given a set shirt number? Mrs Jaffa gave me that look.Green and black striped shirt, black shorts, green socks – and he’s ’12’ for the season. I know you’re curious too. Heh. Link to post Share this post Link to post 1,149 MiK OnWis97 We just say ‘Manager’ Location:New Orleans metro area Members 987 Share on other sites 5,125 posts This may be just a product of my late-night boredom, but it seems that relatively often, we have stories about how awkward we feel being the only ones in the room who comment about the uniforms or how ignorant our friends are towards uniforms (heck, there’s a conversation going on in the Gear Grinder thread right now). Really, being a Creamerite is a constant struggle for acceptance and trying to be understood…which is where the second part comes in. Sometimes, we hear our friends/significant others make unsolicited comments about uniforms. Whether it’s a simple “Team X’s logo is ugly!” or a “Wow, that Penguins jersey with those weird panels is bad – they should go back to what they wore before.” that would make any of us Reebok-haters proud, we cherish these little comments close to our hearts, knowing that there are others like us.I was watching the Jets game yesterday with my brother, and I commented on how ugly the mismatching shades of green on the jersey looked. His response? “I don’t really notice it, to be honest.” I doubt this thread will go anywhere, but hey, who knows. 786 Share this post McCall Link to post Jaffa Location:Washington, DC Link to post Share on other sites All Activity 1,149 1,276 26,193 Members Sign in to follow this   Honestly, none of the sports fans in my social circle find my interest in uniforms to be “odd” or “weird” or whatever. If I bring something up that’s uniform related, etc. they all discuss the matter with at least a mild interest – and I’ve yet to have someone say they don’t know what I’m talking about. A couple of the guys on my staff at work, while not “geeks” like we are around here, get into talking jerseys or changes, etc. And my GF knows more about this stuff than do a lot of the people in our little community here. In short, it’s never been an issue for me. Share this post Go To Topic Listing Share on other sites McCall 0 Location:Missouri SportsLogos.Net the user formerly known as NJTank Posted September 24, 2013 15,496 posts IceCap 21,575 0 1 I’m lucky that my wife loves that I love this stuff, and she gets into it too. My brother is a member here, so I have people that understand, thank God. Joshawaggie 6,981 posts Posted September 24, 2013 Link to post Forums Home Embracing the suck. CS85 Posted September 25, 2013 “I see you’re drinking 1%” Members Link to post Share this post 622 Members 0 1 Share this post Share on other sites the admiral Members 26,193 0 453 OnWis97 Share this post Link to post Followers 3 959 Formally mr.negative15 infrared41 142 Share this post 1,118 posts 0 McCall 8,818 posts 4,436 1 316 Favourite Logos:North Stars Midway Share this post Members 9,904 57,915 posts 1,204 4,350 posts 9,904 Members Posted September 24, 2013 I don’t usually make any comments. I said something once about how the Saints always seem to lose in the all-blacks and my roommate thought it was the strangest thing that I would remember something like that. Then again, he was a Lions fan that didn’t notice the logo refresh, so he’s probably a poor reference point.My dad and I went to the Georgia/Boise State game in 2011. When Boise came onto the field, he said, “We aren’t losing to a team with a helmet that looks like that.” Admittedly, Georgia’s look wasn’t any better that night, but I was proud of the sentiment. I’ve never heard him say anything about sports design other than that. Sports Logo News Link to post Posted September 24, 2013 225 1,204 Sports Logos Members Posted September 24, 2013 Jaffa Banned Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net #CCSLCProblems and Glimmers of Hopelast_img read more

Rins wins Grand Prix of the Americas as Marquez crashes

first_imgSuzuki rider Rins held off a ferocious challenge from Italy’s Valentino Rossi over the closing stages to take the chequered flag at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas in Texas.Australia’s Jack Miller on a Ducati finished third.Rins’ maiden win brought Honda rider Marquez’s long reign of dominance in Austin to an end.Marquez, who started on pole, had scored six consecutive victories in the Texan city heading into this weekend’s event, the third leg of the 2019 MotoGP World Championship.But his challenge ended when he crashed on turn 12 of the ninth lap while leading. Rins meanwhile was left to celebrate after becoming the first man to win in Texas in all three categories. He won the Moto3 race in Austin in 2013 and the Moto2 event at the circuit in 2016.“I am so happy I don’t have words to describe how I feel. When I crossed the finish line my emotions exploded,” the 23-year-old said afterwards.“Suzuki has done a great job, and created a wonderful motorbike. And to beat Valentino, who was my idol when I was a kid, is incredible for me,” he added.Italy’s Andrea Dovizioso, who finished fourth on Sunday, moved to the top of the overall standings with 54 points, followed by Rossi (51), Rins (49) and Marquez (45).“I’m sorry I couldn’t get the win,” Rossi said afterwards. “When I saw that Marquez had fallen, I thought it was possible. But in the end Rins was just too good.“It’s a shame because I have not won in a long time but we will keep trying,” added Rossi. Earlier, Marquez had looked to be surging towards a seventh straight win in Austin after rapidly opening up a decent gap from his pursuers.But with Marquez three seconds clear after completing eight laps, disaster struck when he fell, leaving Rossi in the lead.Rins meanwhile gradually closed on Rossi and overtook the Italian with four laps to go.That set the stage for a thrilling duel over the closing stages, before Rins held on to cross first.Earlier, Switzerland’s Thomas Luthi of the Kalex team won the Moto2 race, finishing ahead of Germany’s Marcel Schrotter in second and Spain’s Jorge Navarro in third.In the Moto3 event, Aron Canet took the line honours after taking advantage of a late crash from Japan’s Tatsuki Suzuki.Suzuki had looked poised to claim first but crashed with five laps to go to allow KTM rider Canet to take the honours.Canet completed the 17-lap race in 39min 6.761sec, with compatriot Jaume Masia finishing second and Italy’s Andrea Migno third.last_img read more