iPad 2 Caught on Video at ces Maybe

first_imgApple has a tradition of distancing itself from ces. The company loves to stay out of the show entirely, only to steal away the spotlight with some big product announcement. The company used to do this by way of the Macworld Expo. After the company announced that it would no longer be giving the keynote at the event, the show imploded.AdChoices广告The company has still managed to take some of the wind out of ces’s sails, however. Last year it revolutionize the industry by announcing the iPad in late January. This year, with help from Verizon, the company pulled away focus. The wireless carrier announced a press conference that would be occurring in New York the following week–and we all immediately knew what it was for.The company may have made another accidental splash, with the iPad 2 apparently become the unofficial 81st tablet to be unveiled at the show. A video is circulating claiming to be a dummy version of Apple’s forthcoming tablet, which was given to an accessory manufacturer for the purpose of creating accessories.The new model has a front and rear facing camera and is noticeably skinner than its predecessor. Appropriately blurry photo after the jump.last_img read more