‘Perception: Real or Forced?’

first_imgOne day during our lecture of psychology, our professor asked us about perception .. means what is perception? Why does it matter? What’s it show? Everything about perception.. we all tend to love debate so it was him versus us. We started giving our opinion about perception like perception means your point of view about something or way of looking and making opinions of some issues etcetera…Then after losing all our energy our professor smiled and said all the things which we had said are true but he asked one thing which baffled us. The question was this: do you have your own perception?This time, we couldn’t answer the question. We were speechless. He again gave us a smile and said, “ that’s something I wanted to hear but there is no answer to it. You see different factors like social media, broadcast media, newspapers, others opinions affect our perception because these are the sources of information. We are totally dependent on them. They mould our perceptions and our opinions” after this he said “ now don’t ask me about my perception, I am in the same situation as you!” we all laughed and the lecture ended.This debate forced me to think about my perception and how my opinion depends upon it. I am not an expert in this. But we all need to think about this: what is our real perception?last_img read more