The Kno app turns textbooks into a 3D experience

first_imgTextbooks are heavy, they take up too much space, and the pages often tear easily. During all nighters, textbooks can be awfully plain on the eyes. Fortunately, many textbooks have gone digital and with that jump, Kno, a tablet textbook company, has sought to inject more life into its app with 3D functionality.Kno is an online retailer of eTextbooks. The company sells eTextbooks at prices cheaper than physical editions for iPad users. Kno’s textbooks can also be viewed on Facebook and the Web, but both of those functions are currently in beta. What’s more interesting though, is the introduction of a 3D update that could bring books to life.Having just been released, the 3D update has a limited range. The idea is it can render certain objects within the pages of a book as 3D models therefore making them more interesting to look at as well as representing them better to say, someone who is learning from a textbook.Kno’s functionality isn’t strictly confined to 3D rendering. The app also includes a journal, video notes, automated quizzes taken on any diagram, and Facebook integration, among other things. For instance, Kno syncs with the iPad 2’s camera to allow the user to record a video note for later reference. The journal is a repository for highlights, notes, photos, and audio clips.Above all else, the 3D functionality shows the most promise. Beyond molecular models, the 3D rendering would work wonderfully in engineering, physics, computer, and biology textbooks, among others. 3D probably wouldn’t be of much use in Hamlet or Macbeth.With the iPad seeing more integration in classrooms across the nation, Kno is in a good position to become a widely used application. You can check out the 3D functionality in the video below.via TechCrunchlast_img read more