How to take free kicks on FIFA 19 on PS4 and Xbox One

first_imgThere’s nothing worse in FIFA 19 than to be clear through on goal only to be fouled by a late, last-ditch tackle. You get awarded a free kick, but are likely to blaze it over the crossbar or straight into the wall. Unless you know exactly how to take free kicks in FIFA 19!Once again, there are a variety of free kick styles in the game just like in real life. Some of the free kicks are much easier to score for beginners, while the more complicated ones can only be performed by the best players in the game – and the best players at home using their Playstation or Xbox controller.You can change the kick taker by pressing L2/LT, which will show set-piece attributes for each player in the corner of the screen: Foot, PWR (Power), FKA (Free Kick Accuracy), CRV (Curve) and PEN (Penalty Accuracy). Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! The curved free kick and dipping free kick are the simplest to execute and the quickest to learn. They can be used in most situations near the box and from either side of the area. Left-footed players are best at curving the ball into the top-right corner of the goal and vice-versa on the other side of the pitch. Dipping free kicks can be performed by players with either dominant foot as long as they are the right distance from the goal.To perform a curved free kick, line the ball up with the inside edge of the wall and then when powering up, point the left stick in the other direction towards the top corner of the goal to curl the ball over and around the wall. A dipped free kick requires aiming at the corner of the goal and then holding the left stick upwards while you are powering up to get the ball to dip over the wall and below the crossbar.Driven free kicks are ones that go under the wall or low past the wall and into the net. These are performed similarly to a dipped free kick, but you need to hold L1/LB while powering up your shot to ensure the ball stays on the ground.FIFA 19 Free KicksSome of the trickier free kicks are trivela and knuckleball frees. The trivela works like a curved free kick, but you aim outside of the goal before curving it back in. A right-footed player should take trivela free kicks on the left side of the area, aim about one ball’s width outside of the left goalpost, power up your shot and then aim to the top-right to curl the ball into the net with the outside of your boot. The power curved free kick is similar to this, but you use a right-footed player on the right and then curl the ball back towards the goalkeeper, following the same method.The knuckleball free kick is a long-range strike where you initially aim away from the goalkeeper, power up your shot while holding L1/LB, and then point backwards in the direction of the goalkeeper. This is to counteract with the natural curve a player will put on the ball and guide the ball into the corner. It is possibly the most difficult free kick to perform and from a long-range distance it may be more effective to use the power dipped free kick or to cross the ball into the area.You can also dummy free kicks and decide to pass instead by calling a second team-mate with L2/LT or even a third team-mate with R1/RB, you can then perform the fake shot by pressing shoot and then immediately passing it to lay it off to one of the team-mates you have near the ball. Free Kick Distance Attributes Needed Dipped Short FKA Curved Short CRV,FKA Driven Short FKA,PWR Trivela Short CRV,FKA Long Dipped Medium-Long FKA,PWR Power Curved Medium-Long CRV,FKA,PWR Knuckleball Long FKA,PWRlast_img read more