Immigrant Community Increasingly Targeted by Scammers

first_imgScammers are targeting North Carolinians, with the state ranking 16th in the country for numbers of scam reports to the Federal Trade Commission. While older people have long been assumed to be targets of con artists, consumer advocates say immigrants also are falling victim to crimes like identity theft and imposter phone calls and emails.Attorney David Tarpley says scammers know they’re dealing with people who aren’t familiar with how things are done in this country.“They may not understand everything they’re told, but they still go along with it,” says Tarpley. “The other reason is, they’re not as used to the customs they’ll encounter in the U.S., the way things are generally done and not done.”Debt collection scams, identity theft and imposter scams top the list of complaints in the Tar Heel State. Charlotte, Fayetteville and Greensboro have the highest number of reports.Experts advise against providing personal identifying information to callers who claim to be from a bank or a creditor, as this is not normal practice for legitimate agencies.Monica Vaca, associate director of the Division of Consumer Response and Operations with the Federal Trade Commission, advises against letting any caller spur you into immediate action, regardless of what they claim the consequences are.“Sometimes it sounds really scary,” says Vaca. “Sometimes it sounds like you’re in trouble, or somebody else is in trouble. Take a moment, pause, talk to somebody about this call – because sometimes, just saying it out loud helps you realize that this is a scam.”She also cautions people to be suspicious of callers who use threats of violence or harm, say they will publish a list of names of people who don’t pay their debts, or use obscene language. And reporting these instances can help authorities track scammers and warn others about them. One place to start is the state attorney general’s consumer protection hotline, at 877-5-NO SCAM. (877-566-7226)last_img read more

HPE Discover: Internet of Things, Workplace Transformation and the Future of the Datacenter

first_imgThe Future of the Internet of ThingsKicking off The Intel sessions was Intel GM Christian Morales alongside of HP’s GM Bill Mannel. The two talked about the future of technology and how the Internet of Things will be at the forefront of this growth. Moores Law keeps redefining what computing can be. Smart homes, smart cars and smart cities are the next wave of the future. Morales spoke about smart cities and how the London Living Labs project, powered by Intel and HP, is helping London with their congestion problems. By putting sensors all over the city, commuters can see timely direction tradeoffs if an area of the city is congested. The sensors are also helping with the environment and monitoring the air pollution. Now it’s easier than ever for runners, walkers and bikers to view the most polluted areas and change their routes based on this info. With the amounts of data that the Internet of Things brings, it’s no wonder why analytics is a big part of this solution. According to Bill Mannel, IoT is about building a data-centric foundation, achieving superior business outcomes with big data by uncovering meaningful patterns, integrating insights and delivering on those insights to accelerate time to value.Workplace TransformationImagining an office setting with no wires and the ability to connect to a meeting without having to have the right dongle or cable? This was exactly what was shown at HP Discover. I sat down with Claudio Maniscalco, Senior Technology Manager at Intel and he quickly gave me a demo of Intel Unite. I said quickly because in a matter of seconds he was connected and displaying directly on the screen, this is much faster than the average eight minutes it takes to set up. This type of conference room efficiency will save the organization in time and money wasted trying to locate a cable and connect to the screen. It’s a wrap! HPE Discover London is now over but the information gathered, ideas shared and partnerships gained will remain for a long time. The theme throughout Discover this year was speed. Speed to deploy solutions, speed to implement security in the enterprise and speed to enable the Internet of Things. Meg Whitman, CEO of HP Enterprises even said in her opening keynote that “success favors companies that can reinvent at warp speed.”Check out a few of the highlights from the 2015 HPE Discover London event: Future of the Data CenterPatrick Buddenbaum, Intel’s GM of Enterprise IT, spoke about how Intel and HP Enterprises are working together with forward-thinking organizations to embrace the datacenter as the new center of possibility, bringing ideas to life using technology to move businesses into the next decade of profitability. Pat spoke about Intel’s Cloud For All Initiative and how you must have a strategy in place to truly and effectively compete in today’s landscape. Intel is at the heart of helping businesses use data to quickly adapt to the changes around them. A great example is our partnership with the Michael J Fox Foundation.  They have moved from suggestive diagnosis and measurement to more accurate patient monitoring by gathering data in real time through wearable devices.After three days of seeing amazing technology, innovation and ideas it’s clear that technology is accelerating the frequency and speed of disruption of business. It’s a fast world out there and it’s getting even faster. Just like this year’s HP Discover, it was over in a blink of an eye!Check out these social resources for more info:IT Center You [email protected]last_img read more