Google Hopes Wonder Woman Can Inspire More Female Coders

first_imgStay on target 11 Groundbreaking Female Comic Book ArtistsToy Tuesday: 11 Coolest Toys of 2018 Who run the world? Girls who code.In hopes of encouraging the next generation of female coders, Google’s Made with Code initiative has released a new interactive project “for wonder women everywhere to add coding to their superpower toolkit.”Celebrating the release of Warner Bros.’ new Wonder Woman film—starring Gal Gadot as Diana, Princess of the Amazons—Google invites people (namely teenage girls) to code three scenes from the film using introductory principles like variables, sequences, loops, and conditionals.“Wonder Woman’s strength is more relevant today than ever,” Google Play’s Mathilde Cohen Solal wrote in a blog announcement. “Especially in the technology space, since girls are less likely than boys to be encouraged to pursue computer science and only 22 percent of gaming developers are women.”All three levels of coding take plenty of thought, patience, and effort; drag and drop the blocks into place, press “play,” and watch as Diana leaps, blocks, and lassos with ease.Get stuck? Press “Help” in the top right corner to see a “working example” (i.e. the correct answer). Then restart and learn for yourself, or simply move on to the next challenge. Just think: What would Wonder Woman do?Users can share their “coding superpower” with friends via social media, and try your hand at some other Made with Code project or step up your game with Code Studio, Scratch, and Mozilla Thimble.Before hitting the cinema, check out MovieBob’s review of Wonder Woman (spoiler: he liked it) and our Wonder Woman gift guide. And take a few minutes this weekend to learn the basics of coding with Princess Diana of Themyscira.As part of this collaboration, Google and Warner Bros. gave the gift of Wonder Woman to more than 100 teen girls from Los Angeles, who saw an advanced film screening, played the updated DC Legends game, and completed the new coding project.“We hope Wonder Woman’s message of empowerment inspired teen girls, and women, to build confidence in pursuing careers in computer science, engineering, gaming—or whatever their dreams may be,” Cohen Solal said.last_img read more