Xbox only hurting itself by refusing to share sales numbers

first_img 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyRichard Browne Head of External Projects, Digital Extremes5 years ago It’s sold enough that a quick port from the PS4 is a no brainer. Job done. But as Nick says, important for building models and such, but the Publishers are more than aware of the install base and sales. 2Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up5 years ago Investors give a damn, as should developers. Revealing negative news could have an impact on the share price and growth if they don’t seem attractive. It also impacts what platforms you would target first as a developer, since you want to ensure your own survival through as many sales as possible. Lets face it would you make a game for something that looks like sales are declining or stagnating? No, you would target the platform on the ascendancy with gamers. That’s generally why it matters. 5 years ago March 31, 2009, for the last time Microsoft reports 360 numbers in their official reports: 17.3 millionMay 2010, the 360 has now allegedly sold 40 million units.Same pattern here. At 10 million unit sold, the official reports stop. Sometime later inofficial reports start to suggests it’s twice the amount now.Basically all you have to do to boost sales is start reporting them. Fool me thrice, shame on… 5 years ago I seriously doubt not reporting official Xbox One sold through numbers is hurting Microsoft at all. The system still sells, has a ton of exclusive content and Xbox One customers are a lot more supportive of the brand with Phil Spencer in charge than they were when Don Mattrick was at the helm. Microsoft will probably just report milestone numbers such as when they get to 25 or 50 million units sold, etc. But them not reporting regular sales figures doesn’t seem to be affecting their bottom line at all. 5 years ago Sony was the master at obscuring the numbers when the PS3 was on the bottom of the stack. Reporting shipped vs. sold, combining sales numbers for PS2 and PS3 as “Playstation Sales” (they did this for a long time with PSP and Vita sales as well).It doesn’t surprise me that Microsoft does this.What we need is a return to the NPD reporting monthly hardware sales the way they used to, that way there’s nowhere to hide. Edited 3 times. Last edit by Bob Johnson on 11th January 2016 7:37pm 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyCasey Anderson Product Manager, Big Fish Games5 years ago Xbox is clearly in an untenable messaging position, however, I would suspect the extra control they get over their messaging by not publishing sales figures far outweighs the negative perception of the brand the average consumer would get from those numbers.In this age of social media, headlines drive significant consumer perception of and behavior towards a brand, and editorializing sales numbers makes for easy, high impact, click bait titles. Not publishing those sales numbers makes it much harder for journalists to generalize the success of the Xbox One vs PS4, which I imagine has a larger impact on consumer behavior than articles that compare the success of Xbox One vs Xbox 360. Xbox only hurting itself by refusing to share sales numbersFear of comparisons to PS4 is taking focus away from Xbox One’s considerable successesBrendan SinclairManaging EditorMonday 11th January 2016Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleMicrosoftWhen Don Mattrick left Microsoft after the Xbox One’s disastrously mishandled E3 reveal, the tone of the company’s messaging changed. Policies for the new console seen as anti-consumer were changed, one after another. Incoming head of Xbox Phil Spencer said all the right things, from telling upset fans that the company heard them loud and clear to dropping the corporate talking points long enough to not just acknowledge the achievements of Nintendo and Sony, but welcome them as signs of a healthy industry.”Xbox One has recovered nicely from a potentially catastrophic unveiling, but you’d be hard pressed to know that from the way Microsoft has handled its messaging.” It was a refreshing bit of candor and straight talk from the company, an olive branch to customers who might have been turned off by the previous months’ PR concoction of aloofness and hubris. That tactic worked, and the Xbox One has recovered nicely from a potentially catastrophic unveiling, but you’d be hard pressed to know that from the way Microsoft has handled its messaging in the years since.In the months following the Xbox One’s November 2013 launch, Sony and Microsoft periodically shared sales figures for PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. However, it soon became clear that Sony had taken a solid lead in the generation’s early days, and Microsoft got very quiet about Xbox One sales. The last official word the company gave out was nearly 10 million shipped just before the system’s first anniversary. After that, it wrapped 360 sales in with Xbox One sales in its quarterly reports, then abandoned that entirely in favor of Xbox Live engagement figures.Late last week, reports circulated suggesting that the Xbox One’s installed base was about 18 million systems. That stemmed from the latest episode of Windows Weekly (around the 9-minute mark), in which tech journalist Mary Jo Foley discussed Microsoft’s recent announcement that Windows 10 had been active on 200 million devices in the last month. In breaking down that number between PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox Ones, Foley said, “I can tell you what one source told me and I can’t verify this,” before sharing that 18 million of those active devices were supposedly Xbox Ones.”The Xbox One is tracking on par with, and possibly ahead of, Microsoft’s most successful gaming device to date.” In the absence of any official word from Microsoft in over a year, this tidbit was widely reported and essentially treated as accurate and used as a stand-in for the Xbox One’s installed base. The actual number may be higher given Xbox One owners who haven’t played recently or don’t typically have their systems connected online, but let’s assume for the moment that we’re in the right ballpark.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games So in its first 26 months of availability, the Xbox One has apparently sold 18 million systems. If we’re comparing it directly to Sony’s installed base of nearly 36 million PS4s in the same time frame, that doesn’t look too impressive. But if we’re comparing it to the Xbox 360, the number looks a lot better. The Xbox 360 took 30 months to reach a worldwide installed base of 19 million. The Xbox One is tracking on par with, and possibly ahead of, Microsoft’s most successful gaming device to date.Clearly, Microsoft has backed away from reporting straight-forward sales figures of Xbox One hardware because it believes they won’t look good compared to Sony’s PS4. The company’s right about that, but this tactic is just baking in the narrative that this generation has been all about Sony eating Microsoft’s lunch. By keeping secret numbers it once publicly shared because of the PS4’s performance, Microsoft is essentially forcing us to view this generation in terms of Xbox One vs. PS4, with one winner and one loser. One company is shouting its sales figures from the mountaintops with great frequency, while the other is hiding its figures in shame.But it doesn’t have to be that way. In 2013 and 2014, even as the PS4 was off to a historically hot start, the over-arching narrative of the generation was that consoles were back, that reports of their demise had been greatly exaggerated. Honestly, that should still be the case, and if Microsoft embraced a little more of the Phil Spencer-styled straight talk that helped the Xbox One turn around those bad first impressions, we’d have another possible lens through which to view this generation. But as long as Microsoft insists it’s in a direct competition with Sony where there can be only one winner, it’s going to be right about that.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesApple questions credibility of Xbox testimonyiPhone maker asserts that Microsoft did not produce evidence to back Lori Wright’s claims of unprofitable consolesBy James Batchelor 2 days agoEpic pushed for subscription-free multiplayer on Xbox ahead of Apple battleCEO Tim Sweeney told Xbox boss Phil Spencer that “certain plans for August” would create an “extraordinary opportunity”By James Batchelor 7 days agoLatest comments (12)Nick Parker Consultant Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jeff Kleist on 11th January 2016 11:38pm 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyPaul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago As somebody who has a dialogue with console manufacturers, I have noticed over the years that the underperforming brand tends to be more shy so not surprising really. 5 years ago Installed base numbers are crucial for publishers as they provide volume forecast weightings by platform. Furthermore, regionality of installed bases provide publishers with valuable localisation planning. Publishers usually have close contact with the console manufacturers who provide analytics just for these sales planning requirements. 3Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyJeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensingcenter_img 5 years ago I would say a sizable number of those players have both, and many of them still spend a lot of time on their Xbox.So the question is where their time and dollars are being spent. By my anecdotal experience, it’s not as bad a split as these numbers indicateCasey is right on. How do you think Sony got game sharing, the digital ecosystem, and Kinect slimed and buried? 4Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyWesley Williams Quality Assurance 2Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyJordan Lund Columnist 5 years ago When a lot of which console you purchase today depends on where the players are, rather than just where the games are, it’s understandable you wouldn’t want to be specific when your main competition has twice as many players. 5Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyNick Parker Consultant 4Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyShow all comments (12)Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyJakub Mikyska CEO, Grip Digital5 years ago In my opinion, nobody really gives a damn… Players buy consoles based on whether they prefer Halo or Uncharted, or based on what their friends have. Publishers invest in games based on how much they are making on each device and what kind of deals happened behind the closed doors.The only one who actually cares is the press, so that they have something to report and speculate about. Microsoft is keeping the numbers secret because they don’t want the press to tear them apart for doing sightly better then they did with X360. Edited 2 times. Last edit by Klaus Preisinger on 11th January 2016 6:41pm 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyBob Johnson Studying graphics design, Northern Arizona University5 years ago My grandma used to tell me, if you have nothing good to say then …don’t say anything at all. MS is listening to my grandma. ;)Also I feel like the X1 is doing worse than the 360 even if unit sales are currently greater at the same pt in their respective lifecycles.The 360 sales comparisons are going to get alot tougher in the next year or two. 360 sales ramped up alot after the S model hit. The S model quelled all the RRoD fears. and then Kinect came along and gave those sales another shot in the arm.And the 360 was selling better than the PS3 in the US whereas PS4 is beating the X1 in the US. So in terms of beating your direct competitor, the X1 is doing worse. 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

US judge blocks man from selling Grand Theft Auto Online cheat programs

first_imgUS judge blocks man from selling Grand Theft Auto Online cheat programsTake-Two claims software by David Zipperer has cost the firm more than $500,000James BatchelorEditor-in-ChiefFriday 17th August 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleTake 2 InteractiveThe publisher behind Grand Theft Auto has won a US court case that will prevent players from cheating in its online game.The case centres around Georgia resident David Zipperer, who has been accused of selling software that enables GTA Online users to alter the game or manipulate its mechanics to give them an edge over other players, Reuters reports.Take-Two claims that not only has this enabled ‘griefing’ of its online community, it has also cost at least $500,000, according to a complaint filed back in March.Yesterday, US District Judge Louis Stanton of Manhattan awarded the publisher a preliminary injunction that prevents Zipperer from selling his software. In the ruling, he said Take-Two was likely to prove that Zipperer had infringed its copyright and that his programs cause irreparable harm to the game’s sales by discouraging consumers from buying it.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games While not the harshest punishment, Stanton believed an injunction was appropriate due to the “high risk” that Zipperer could not afford damages, given that he claims to be unemployed. He also dismissed an unfair competition claim against Zipperer.In a statement, Take-Two said it would continue to pursue legal action to prevent “disruptions” to the GTA Online community.Despite being five years old, Grand Theft Auto Online continues to perform well. In Take-Two’s most recent financials, the publisher reported the game has surpassed expectations for its most recent quarter, although CEO Strauss Zelnick told he expects this to “moderate this fiscal year.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesTake-Two reportedly takes down reverse-engineered GTA3, Vice City source codeGitHub project blocked by DMCA, although project creator unable to rule out trollsBy James Batchelor 2 months agoTake-Two withdraws bid for Codemasters following EA offer of $1.2bnElectronic Arts now likely to take over British racing games developer as Take-Two considers other acquisitionsBy James Batchelor 3 months agoLatest comments (2)AbdulBasit Saliu Mechanic, Flowmotion Entertainment Inc2 years ago Another great win for TTWO. 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyPeter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire2 years ago proof that cheaters never prosper! 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

Eswatini names preferred bidder for its Solar PV Projects tender

first_imgJonathan Hoffman, Globeleq’s chief development officer, commented: “As the first utility scale renewable IPPs in Eswatini, these projects will help stabilise the cost of electricity supply and increase the country’s energy resilience, acting as a strong driver for growth and playing a part in the economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.” Generation ESERA officially released the intention to award notice on 14 April 2021 after evaluation of the bids submitted in November 2020. The tender was originally launched in March 2020.  Image: [Diyana Dimitrova] © Connection works will be undertaken by the Globeleq-Sturdee consortium and once commissioned, the new transmission lines and associated substation equipment will be transferred to the EEC, which will be responsible for their operation and maintenance. TAGSEswatini Electricity CompanyGlobeleqsolar powerSwaziland Previous articleESG investing in sub-Saharan Africa linked to sustainable developmentNext articleNigeria Federal Government calls for more private sector partnerships Nomvuyo Tena RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR BRICS Finance and Policy Have you read?Op-Ed: Progress at last for Kingdom of Eswatini’s energy mix dream Low carbon, solar future could increase jobs in the future – SAPVIA The Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) officially announced the Globeleq and Sturdee Energy Consortium as the preferred bidder for its solar PV projects. Have you read?Globeleq increases shareholding in renewable projects AFD and Eskom commit to a competitive electricity sector The 15MWac Balekane and 15MWac Ngwenya projects will be located on separate parcels of private land in North Western Eswatini, in the Hhohho region, and connected to the existing Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) transmission system. Sign up for the ESI Africa newsletter Globeleq and its consortium partner, Sturdee Energy Southern Africa, have been awarded preferred bidder status for two 15MWac projects in the first tranche of the Kingdom of Eswatini’s procurement programme for new renewable generation capacity.  UNDP China, CCIEE launch report to facilitate low-carbon developmentlast_img read more

Who’s Gonna Cry When You Die?

first_imgThe country clapped for our healthcare workers recently and we understand how they (doctors, nursing care professionals, auxiliary staff) are bravely working at the front line with inadequate PPE and protection gear. And we hail them for their courage and conviction to perform their duties.However, there is another category of people who are working tirelessly to help the country and that too without much glory and media coverage of their plight. Who are they? The Indian Police Force – Women and men at their jobs, every day. Police persons do not stay at home and they come into contact with many people who may be non-symptomatic COVID-19 positive cases. They do not have the luxury to stay home and their work helps the country function.Do police persons have adequate PPE? NoDo police persons complain? NoDo police persons have mouths to feed and families to support? Yes, so they continue to work, irrespective of their working conditions.We don’t even know how many Police-wallas are putting their lives at risk for us and whether they are even getting tested.We need to hear a clap and cheer for the Police Force and recognize their very important contribution in these difficult times.It is time.last_img read more

Developer’s view: Sir Stuart Lipton

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UK deploys experts to help Caribbean with storm threats

first_imgCourtesy of the Royal Navy The United Kingdom has deployed a team of specialists to the Caribbean to help mitigate the impact of impending storms threatening British Overseas territories.According to Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, 87 engineers, medics, maritime experts and other specialists have joined the regular crew of RFA Mounts Bay, which is the mobile hub of the British relief effort.1,000 personnel He added that approximately 1,000 personnel are deployed or being held at high-readiness for if further storms head towards the region.“ I want to assure everyone in our Overseas Territories that our Armed Forces have been pre-positioned in the region and are absolutely prepared to help. We will be there to support during this hurricane season while still helping those whose lives were devastated by Irma and Maria to rebuild their lives and homes.”Last September, several homes were  destroyed and infrastructure decimated when Hurricane Irma and Maria, two of the most powerful hurricanes for decades, hit the region back-to-back.As well as being able to carry vital aid and equipment, RFA Mounts Bay will use the Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter on board to provide aerial support. The Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) troop, consisting of Royal Engineers from the British Army and Royal Marines, have been training with their French counterparts in Martinique to ensure they are fully prepared. This training is part of a six-month deployment to the region for hurricane season, while RFA Mounts Bay also carried out a significant HADR exercise in July.last_img read more